Binary Options Guide

Grand Option’s Complete Trading Guide

Welcome to Grand Option’s complete trading guide for trading binary options. Whether you are a new or experienced trader it is essential to familiarize yourself with the Grand Option trading platform. We have carefully selected the key features of binary options trading to ensure that you can master the art of trading within a short period of time. You can always refer back to this page to refresh your knowledge with the unique features that are exclusively available to the binary options market.

Entrance into the Global Markets

When you log in to your account you will see the heart of the binary options market, your sole connection to the biggest financial markets in Asia, Europe and the United States, available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Let’s simplify the trading features to fully comprehend Grand Option’s power trading platform for trading real binary options.

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Binary Options Overview

Your trading basics:

In this section you will find the core foundation for your entry into Grand Option trading!

Asset: The financial asset you may select for trading. It could be a currency pair, an index, a stock or a commodity.

Target Price: Often called ‘the Strike,’ it is the price at which Grand Option is selling a binary option. Traders may purchase an option that is higher/lower than the target price by predicting whether the price of the asset will rise or fall.

High/Low: High Option is when the expiry level is above the target price.

Low Option is when the expiry level is below the target price.

Return: This is the profit you will receive in the form of a percentage on your investment. In EUR/USD for example, if you have invested $500 in a single binary option and predicted the trend of the market then your Return, also called ‘Payout’ would be 89% on the $500.

Expires: If you purchase a High binary option in EUR/USD and predict it will go higher, the expiry is when the live price of EUR/USD is checked and determined whether you have made a correct prediction. The expiry can be anywhere from: 60 Seconds, several minutes (2 minutes, 5 minutes, 10, minutes, 15 minutes etc…), 1 hour, 1 day.

Grand Option offers traders a variety of expiries to ensure their trading will not be confined to a limited time frame.

Status: In the status, traders can view the remaining time for purchasing a binary option for the next expiry or a future trade.

You may have noticed that you can select the market you wish to enter, Indices, Forex, Stocks and Commodities. Aside from High/Low binary options you can also trade short term options..

The customization feature allows traders to filter undesired assets, displaying only the desired trading instruments in the trading platform. Customizing your financial assets will help you find the asset you wish to trade immediately without the need to continuously search for it throughout the available assets. Grand Option supplies traders with over 80 different assets with multiple expirations.

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Trade the Options

After determining what assets to trade, simply click on it in the ‘Asset’ section.

In the above example we have selected EUR/USD – High/Low binary option.

As seen on the left-hand side of the image, you have a choice to purchase a High option, if you predict EUR/USD will trade above its current price, 1.39513 or execute a Low option, if you predict EUR/USD will trade below its current levels. A High option is referred to as a Call option and a Low option is referred to as a Put option. In the ‘Amount’ box you feed the size of the binary option, how much you wish to invest in EUR/USD High/Low option. Grand Option enables traders to invest as much as $50,000 in one trade, one of the highest in the binary options market.

In the Money: Referred to as ITM for short. ITM describes the status of the purchased binary option. It means that your binary option is trading in your predicted direction, High/Low. If the binary option expires ‘In the Money’ you can expect to earn 89% on the invested capital. If €50,000 were invested, the platform calculates the expected payout, which is €94,000.

Out The Money: Referred to as OTM for short. OTM also describes the status of the purchased binary option. If the price of the financial asset you are trading goes against your predicted direction, the binary option is said to be Out the Money. If the binary option expires on Out the Money, the payout will be 0.

The graph on the right monitors the price of EUR/USD. When a trade is executed you will be able to monitor the progress of your option. ITM options will be colored green in the graph while OTM options will be colored red. Please note that this also happens ahead of the expiration. The colors allow the trader to instantly determine the status of the purchased binary options.

Early Closure

Once you purchase a binary option on the left-hand side you will see:

Transaction ID: Each trade is recorded in the system and can be reviewed through the account history.

Purchased at: The date and time at which you purchased the option.

Your selection: The predicted direction of the option.

Invested amount: The capital invested in the binary option.

While the trade is opened, you will be presented with an ‘Early Closure’ option. This feature will be available ahead of the expiration and will offer you the opportunity to book profits on your purchased ITM and OTM options ahead of the expiration. If you are uncertain that the option will expire on In-The-Money, you can book early profits or exit the trade with minimal market exposure.

My Open Trades

When the binary option is purchased it will also be reflected in ‘My Open Trades.’ If you have purchased 7 different binary options, you can refer to each trade through ‘My Open Trades’ in order to monitor the progress of the options using the chart.

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Account Details – My Account

After logging in to the account you will see a button called ‘My Account in the center of the top menu bar.

Account Summary: This shows your name, balance, bonus balance, total size of open trades and the total value of your account.

Open Trades: Full details of your open trades.

Trade History: Smarter future predictions with the trade history feature that automatically renders your top trades and goes back in time up to 500 past trades

Account Details: Your personal information such as name and address is stored under ‘Account Details.’ You may update any details such as a new phone number, new address etc. under this section.

Change Password: If you wish to change your password at any time you can do so through ‘Change Password.’ Your new password will be updated immediately.

Account Details – Banking

A dedicated section in the trading account that enables the trader to manage investments and withdrawals in the binary options market.

Deposit: Instantly fund your account via Credit/Debit Card or Moneybookers directly. A Bank wire must be made via the bank and may take several days for the funds to be allocated into your account.

Withdrawal: In this section you file your withdrawal requests. As soon as you type an amount and press ‘Next’ the requested funds will be automatically deducted from your account. To complete the withdrawal please email: [email protected] The withdrawal form and funds will be withdrawn back to you. You may cancel the withdrawal requests in ‘Pending Requests.’

Pending Requests: In this section you can cancel any withdrawal requests you have made before the funds are sent back to you. When you cancel a withdrawal, the requested funds are automatically added back to the account balance.

History: Your entire banking history is listed in this section. All deposits and withdrawals you have made are documented in ‘History.’ If you have tried to invest using a Credit/Debit Card and the funds do not show in your account, in ‘History’, you should reconfirm that the deposit was successful.

Credit Cards: In this area the trader has the option to save credit card details in the account. If at any point the trader wishes to increase the investment it can be done from ‘Credit Cards’ and the trader will not need to re-enter the card details in order to make the investment. All you need to do is type the amount you wish to invest and select ‘Deposit Now’. The network connection of course is extremely secure and the highest measures are taken to protect our clients’ safety.