How to Trade

How to Trade

Deposit funds to your account and you are ready trade.

Invest and start trading today!

Pick an asset from the currencies, commodities, indices or stocks. You can purchase as many binary options as you desire in accordance with your investment.

Once you have chosen an asset, decide on the type of option you wish to buy, 60-seconds or High/Low. Grand Option offers you an array of binary options so you can trade the option that suits you best.

Once you have selected the option, choose the amount you wish to invest. You will notice as you type the amount the system will automatically calculate the expected payout.

When you click on BUY your entry price will be updated immediately, allowing you to monitor the progress of your binary option.

The chart changes color in accordance to the success of the binary option ahead of the expiration. A green background means that the trade is In-The-Money, which means; if the option will expire at the current level the payout will be calculated and deposited into your account.

If the background is in red it means the binary option is Out-The-Money, which means if the binary options expires at the current level no payout will be credited to your account.

Now you know how to trade binary options with Grand Option.

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